5 Toxic Behaviors That Bore And Annoy People

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There are many facets of human behavior. Some of them can cause tears of joy and a fuzzy little warm feeling in the heart. Others can cause extreme boredom and annoyance. Human behavior is something of a spectrum in that respect, and nearly everyone is capable of the full range; they can be inspiring at times and annoying at others.

You are likely to display some or all of the behaviors mentioned below, just like everyone else. This isn’t as bad as it first sounds; nearly everyone does, so you don’t have to feel guilty. It is simply helpful to identify undesirable traits and to remove them gradually. Working on your bad sides is a big part of transforming yourself, and becoming a better person.

Here are five toxic behaviors that bore and annoy people:

  • Incessant Moaning

    Everyone likes a moan. It is good for you from time to time; to let off a bit of steam, or express a particularly strong opinion about something. A well timed moan is often funny, but constant moaning is nothing short of irritating, and it drags everybody else down. It is not too fun to be around someone who moans all of the time, because any experience with them quickly becomes a negative one: it is either too cold, or too hot, or too medium; there is simply no winning.

    If you find yourself in the middle of a rant, and moreover if you often find yourself in the middle of a rant, then take a breath or two, and take a step back from the situation. Accept that you went on a negative moan. That is okay, but now you must return to a relatable state, or even better find something positive to say.

  • Always Talking But Never Listening

    You might think that you are the most interesting person in the conversation/room/world, but that does not mean that everyone else does. Conversation is a dynamic that involves the role of a speaker and a listener, who share time and ideas with each other. Some people do not understand this premise, and feel that they should take centre stage all of the time, disregarding the thoughts, feelings, and input of others.

    There is nothing more annoying than this behavior because it is impossible to engage with someone who never listens. All you can do is nod and smile, knowing all of the time that the conversation is futile and pointless. If you want to be an interesting, engaging, and enjoyable person to interact with you would do well learning to balance your talking skills with some wholehearted listening.

  • Bragging

    People who brag are often guilty of talking too much aswell, but the two are separate and equally annoying behaviors. It is okay to blow your own trumpet if you a) own a trumpet, and b) are capable of playing it. Still it is much better to be humble, and to let your talent and personality speak for itself. Bragging and boasting, and always having one better story to tell is not attractive. It is boring and it detracts from any real talent that you do maintain.

  • Selfishness

    Selfishness comes in many different forms. Maybe you always take the biggest piece of cake for yourself (physically or metaphorically), maybe you are guilty of being self-centered; of being overly concerned for yourself and never concerned for others. This is not a great trait for friendship, and is surely something that would annoy anyone who attempted to get close to you. Relationships are give and take, and the more you can learn to share and be compassionate, the more you will be capable of love.

  • Backstabbing

    The final boring and annoying behavior to avoid is being untrustworthy. Stealing and other serious forms of backstabbing are beyond annoying, and step into the realms of criminal. Less extreme examples include cheating, lying, or stirring the pot and causing problems between people. Leave it out! Trust is the foundation for all relationships, professional, friendly, and intimate.

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