5 Ways To Improve Your Morning Routine

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Are you a morning person? Your answer to this could depend on how you choose to begin your day. If you rip yourself out of bed and run out of the house and straight into the rush hour traffic, then there is little wonder you struggle to enjoy the morning. If you can learn to take a little more time to absorb it then the beauty of the morning is revealed to you; every “morning person” understands this. Here are five ways to improve your morning routine:

  • Wake Up Earlier

    Ouch! You didn’t want to read that, but it is the first change you must make if you are to appreciate your mornings. Nobody wants to wake up to an alarm, but unfortunately it is a painful part of many people’s lives. If you can wake up before it then great, but if not then at least choose a melodic and gentle start, rather than a siren noise.

    Set you alarm a good hour back from what it is now. You need enough time to do everything you need to do before work, with a load more added time for slowing down and easing yourself into the day. The morning doesn’t rush, and neither should you.

  • Welcome The Day

    Admittedly this is far easier when the sun is beaming through, and far more difficult when it is grey, miserable, and still dark. Nevertheless, open your curtains and let a little natural light into your eyes. Lie in bed for a few moments and just stretch and yawn. Your body is the most relaxed it is going to be all day, so take a moment to enjoy the feeling of it waking up. When you are ready, go and breathe some fresh morning air, and welcome a new day; a new opportunity to embrace the world.

    Take the time to gather your thoughts; allow yourself to drift into your mind and contemplate how you feel, and what you are predominantly thinking about. This helps you to maintain clarity throughout the day. If you rush out without ever giving yourself this time, then your thoughts reappear as distractions throughout the daytime.

  • Get Some Exercise

    You might not think exercise is what you want first thing in the morning but it will improve your day massively, and will wake you up feeling refreshed and ready. It is a good idea to get the blood pumping, the muscles stretched, and the oxygen flowing before work.

    Everyone has there own preferences when it comes to exercise, but it is important not to push yourself too hard right away. Some gentle stretches and a brisk walk will do it. Over time you will develop a habit of exercise, and it will become a part of your morning wake up routine. You will find that you will gradually develop your own regime. At first, you might have to force it.

  • Eat A Light But Substantial Breakfast

    You might be used to grabbing a pop-tart and running out of the door, or perhaps indulging in a take-out breakfast on your way to work, but all of that has to change. You have more time now remember, so use it to enjoy your breakfast and set yourself up for a productive day. A light breakfast should give you enough energy to last until lunch, without leaving you feeling heavy and unmotivated. Take a seat and enjoy it.

  • Do Something You Enjoy

    Wow! You have arisen slowly, your mind and body feel good, you are charged up with exercise and breakfast, and you still have time left over before work. Mornings are suddenly not so bad, and you are well on the way to being a “morning person.” Now you can finish off by enjoying your favorite morning activity; be it reading, walking, yoga, painting, writing, or anything else that tickles your fancy. This is the final stage to the morning routine from heaven. You have something to look forward to before work starts, and therefore you have a great reason to get out of bed nice and early, everyday.

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