7 Bad Habits You Don’t Need In Your Life

Man oversleeping with alarm

Everyone has bad habits. Some are physically bad for the body, others damage our self esteem, our relationships with other people, or our mental well-being. A habit forms when it is repeated enough times; the brain eventually forms a pathway of behavioral response, so that it becomes almost automatic, and more difficult to break. The first step to breaking a bad habit is in recognizing it. Here are 7 bad habits to leave behind:

  • Oversleeping or Undersleeping

    Getting the right amount of sleep is crucial to your health, and most likely to the smooth running of your day. Sleeping too little can result in fatigue and an inability to function to the best of your ability. Oversleeping can also cause grogginess. The ideal amount is said to be 6-8 hours, though everyone is different. Experiment, and find the optimal amount for yourself.

  • Running In Hyperdrive

    Busy, busy, busy you may be, but everyone needs to rest and relax. Your work may demand that you function on hyperdrive, but it is a bad habit to be hyper where it is not needed. Eventually you will break down from stress and exhaustion unless you take time to yourself, to do mellow activities unrelated to work. Take a walk in the park and slow down.

  • Saying “Yes” To Everything

    Some people are just too kind. Kindness is well and good and much needed in the world, but this does not mean you should feel obliged to agree with people all of the time, or obliged to do favors, or obliged to do something you do not want. It does not make you any less of a person to learn to say no. You can be kind whilst maintaining healthy boundaries, and loving yourself too.

  • Saying “No” To Everything

    Equally you should not always refuse the kind offers of your peers. You should learn to do people favors, and to receive invitations too. You should learn to go with suggestions that might lead you into new and adventurous opportunities, and to step out of your comfort zone. It can be very liberating to say “yes” sometimes. The key, as is often the case in life, is balance.

  • Letting Other People Rule Your Life

    No one should be making your decisions other than you. This is not to say that you should not take lessons and advice from your loved ones, but ultimately you have to cut your own cake and find out what you want to do in life. What makes you most happy? Do that rather than trying to live up to some one else’s idea of who you are. Live by your own definition.

  • Running Away From Your Problems

    A lot of people have a bad habit of fleeing from that which is bound to cause hassle when initially confronted. What they don’t realize is that burying it only creates more hassle. Nothing is ever solved by running away; words are left unspoken and feelings remain beneath the surface. Nothing is solved and no progress is made. Only when confronted and dealt with can problems and fears be resolved.

  • Giving Up Too Easily

    Anything and everything is achievable if you set your mind and heart to it, but it always requires energy and commitment. There is no worse habit than giving up. See your goals through, change your approach, reshape your perspective. Whether it is a building project, a piece of art, a relationship, or a career goal you should get into the habit of giving it your all, and seeing your goals through to the end result.

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