7 Things More Important Than Your Job

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There are more important things in life than your job, right? This is something most people can agree on, although it can be hard to see it that way sometimes. It is easy to get lost in a smog of work related stress. You need your job to get by in life. Perhaps you even enjoy your job. At the end of the day it puts food on the table and so inevitably becomes a big part of life. It can be useful however to remember what is really important; the real-life behind it all. Here are seven things that are more important than your job:

  • Family

    You already know that your family is more important than your job, but how much time do you actually spend with them? Do you save a little energy for your partner and kids, so that you can engage with them when you get home from work? Perhaps consider using your spare time to visit family, and spend weekends away with your children.

  • Your Health

    Health and well-being are huge factors of happiness. A healthy body performs better at work anyway, and is pretty much the foundation for most jobs. Without good health you are in a bit of a pickle. Some people won’t take a day off even when they are run down, or risk stress related illness. This article is going to turn around and tell you to rest well when you need it. Value your health over your job, and if it comes to a direct choice, don’t be afraid to take time off to recover.

  • Being Outside

    Some jobs involve a lot of outdoor work, in which case you probably can’t wait to be indoors at the end of a hard day. For everyone who is cooped up in an office, or works from home, always remember the simple joys of being outside. Take regular walks in nature to clear your mind of all the work hassle. Come back to the simple reality; one of wind, and trees, and impressive looking rocks, sunshine, stars, and the moonlight reflecting on a still pond.

  • Your Relationships

    It is not only your family but also your friends; both would always be there to support you if you were ever unfortunate enough to lose your job. Your job is replaceable, but your friendships can last forever. A job will kick you while you are down, a friend will pick you up. There is no comparison really, is there?

  • Time

    The saying goes “time is money,” but this seems to be nonsense. Time is greater than money. Time is a unit of freedom, and you should spend it wisely when you have it.

  • Moral Integrity

    In a day and age where corruption is by no means unheard of it, can be difficult to remain true to your morals. Sometimes your job can test your moral integrity, and sometimes it can win. The pressure to get paid and feed your family can force you into difficult situations. Wherever possible you should stick to your truth, and try not to do anything that you are not morally comfortable with. This can reduce the job market dramatically, but is worth it. It is important that you do not live in dissonance, and so it is important that you put your morals first.

  • Life Experience

    Life is full of surprises, and awe, and wonder, and magic, and pain, and joy, and splendor. You are free to climb the highest mountain, or dive with sharks. You can swim in the ocean and bathe in the sand. You can watch a beautiful sunset, or gaze into the eyes of someone you love. You can laugh and joke, debate, learn, perform, share, and love. Surely life itself is the force above all else; it dwarfs your job really, even if you work for NASA.

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