7 Ways To Have A Productive Day


Productivity is your ability to get stuff done. It doesn’t really matter how talented you are, or how knowledgeable you are in your work, if you lack the motivation to be active. You may find that your productivity levels and ability to motivate yourself seem to have a life of their own. It is up to you to take control of this, and to learn to be productive whenever it is needed. Often, a few lifestyle changes can help. Here are seven ways to have a productive day:

  • Rise And Shine

    There is nothing more demotivating than getting up late for work, and rushing out of the house with minutes to spare in a half dazed slumber. It is much more useful for productivity to get out of bed nice and early, to enjoy the morning air and a gentle wake-up routine that gets you ready for the day ahead. If you are lucky enough to manage your own time then try not to stay in bed until midday. An early start is crucial to productivity.

  • Make A Plan

    It is much easier to get everything done if you know what it is that needs doing. A quick plan for the day should help. Make a list of all of the major tasks you face for the day; at work, in the house, or elsewhere. Prioritize by keeping more important items at the top of the agenda. Set a minimum limit, and allow room for extending your output if the wind carries you further. The idea is to set all of the tasks straight in your mind, so you know where you are up to at a given point.

  • Avoid Procrastination

    Procrastination is your outward display of your inner state; one which lacks concentration. Try to keep your mind solely on the task at hand. You can allow yourself some facebook time once you reach a checkpoint, but it is best to switch off all distractions, and to stay focused. If you really struggle then consider juggling several tasks off your to-do list, switching between them to combat boredom. When you feel like procrastinating you simply move to another task to cure your fidgets.

  • Take Breaks

    Although the aim is a productive day, it is nevertheless not wise to burn yourself out. Doing so may effect your productivity the following day, when your body and brain start to demand a rest. You should try to work at a steady, sustainable pace, and take regular breaks. Use your breaks wisely as a chance to wind down and take a breather. You could get some fresh air, maybe take a stroll to get the blood flowing (or have a sit down if you are taking a break from a physically demanding task).

  • Eat Little And Often

    You may have noticed on occasions that your productivity rate is seriously reduced after a large meal. This feeling of lethargy comes about because food requires a lot of energy to digest, especially if it is stodgy or if there is a lot of it. Instead of costing yourself hours of productive time every day, consider eating little and often instead.

  • Treat Yourself After You Finish A Task

    A simple reward can improve productivity, but only if you have the willpower to stick to your target, and attain your goal before you indulge. The reward system doesn’t quite work if you eat, drink, and get merry before you have even done anything. Be strict with yourself, but rewarding when you know you have done well.

  • Get Down To It

    This final tip is probably the most useful of all. Get down to it! There is no need to think too much about it. To be productive start now and work hard. Be positive, and take pride in everything you do Put your energy into your goals, stick at it, work hard, and you will be productive.

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