Make A House A Home: Transform Your Living Space

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A house provides shelter from the elements; much needed protection from the outdoors. This in itself is something to appreciate, especially in the winter. A house becomes a home when you transform it into your own space. Your home should be somewhere which feels comfortable and welcoming. Simple changes can make a huge difference, so whether you have recently moved into a new house, or just feel like improving your current living space, a little effort can soon make a house a home.

Does Each Room Serve Its Purpose Well?

Everyone has a different idea of what they want to get out of a room. One person’s living space could be vastly different from the next person’s. What is important is that each room in your house serves the purpose that it is supposed to, with your own style infused. A living room is usually primarily for relaxation and/or socializing, so it makes sense that it be a comfy place to sit, and that if it is a social room it be designed to encourage conversation.

It can be a joy to a prepare and cook food if your kitchen has a homely feel. If cooking is emphasized in your household then it can be a great place to gather after work; active and engaging, but free from the trance of the television. You always have to work with the space you have, but try to keep enough surface room to have fun cooking, and if possible a table and some chairs for eating and chatting.

Perhaps you have multifunction rooms. For example, your bedroom could also be your TV and games room. It is your choice, but it is recommended to stick to one function per room. People very often associate a room with an activity or a function. It creates a kind of trigger in the brain. If you use your bedroom to play shoot-em-up games then you may not find it as welcoming when it comes to sleepy time. This is also why people tend to have an office room that is exclusively for work.

What’s Your Flavor?

To make a house a home you should give it your flair. Have some creative input and make it your own. This is the most important component of a homely feel. If you feel like you have created the space then you will be proud of it, and it will make you happy to be there.

If you need some inspiration, try any of the following: paintings, drapes, different carpets or wooden floor, put some ornaments and decorations around, hang photos of loved ones up, choose a calender for the kitchen, change those scabby curtains, put candles and incense in the bath, get new cushions and beanbags for the living room, hang posters up, get some mood lighting and a water feature, change the color schemes, and so on…


If you are the type of person who has a million useless and generic objects floating around in every available bit of space in your house, then it is time for a clear out. Chuck it away, recycle it, sell it, give it to a friend, whatever. You will have tons more space after you do, and it is good for the mind to keep space free of clutter.

Utilize Space

Space may be limited, but it should also be maximized. If you have a cupboard under your stairs then use it for storage. Shed in the garden? Turn it into a workshop or a playhouse for the kids. Many people let their garden become redundant, overgrown with thorns. A weekend with a strimmer should soon sort that out, and a BBQ and bench outside would make for lovely evenings under the stars. If you can clean out your garage you could even have a ping-pong room.

Make some changes now; it doesn’t have to cost much more than a bit of effort. With comfort, well-thought out utilization of space, and of course your own personal touch, you can transform your house into a home in no time.

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