Rise And Shine: 4 Reasons To Wake Up Early

Man and sunrise

You know how beautiful early mornings can be, don’t you? Yes, but an extra hour in bed sounds more appealing? An extra hour in bed always sounds more appealing when you have just woke up, but it pays to push passed those feelings. It is much more enjoyable to get out of bed with plenty of time to enjoy the morning air, to wake up with ease and comfort, and to soak in the first rays. As horrific as it first might sound, there are many benefits to waking up early. Here are five reasons to rise and shine:

  • Sunrise

    If you care to get up in time you can witness one of nature’s most splendid events. It happens every single day, but few people take the time to appreciate it. Sunrise has a different quality to sunset, but is equally beautiful. The first rays of warmth hit the frosted ground, and thaw it out along with your bones. You can absorb the peaceful moment as the birds tweet and the sky changes from black, to blue, and then to a display of gentle orange and purple glows. An absolutely perfect way to start the day!

  • Improved Wake Up Routine

    Maybe you already have a great morning wake up routine, one that allows to slip comfortably into the day, feeling ready and energized for the day ahead; relaxed and focused. Maybe, or maybe you jump out of bed to an snoozed alarm clock ten minutes before you have to leave for work. Maybe you take a thirty second shower, eat a quick pop-tart and then bolt out of the door tripping over the neglected dog on the way out.

    If this sounds like you then you will benefit immensely from an early rise. With plenty of time spare before work you will be able to vastly improve the quality and pace of your wake up routine. Just think; you can adequately clean and freshen yourself up, eat a nice wholesome breakfast with real nutrition, and perhaps do a little exercise to get your blood flowing.

  • Peace And Quiet

    The early morning is a particularly peaceful time of the day. The early birds tweet softly outside, the air feels fresh, and the atmosphere is quiet. No one is quite setting off to work yet, so there is barely any traffic on the roads, and most probably stuck in their snoozy delight your partner and kids are still in bed. Bliss.

    This time is true “me time.” It gives you an opportunity to relax and revel in peace. You can take some time to gather your thoughts and sit in perfect silence, or if you prefer you can take the time to quietly engage with that crossword puzzle that you never get chance to do after dinner.

  • Productivity

    With a lovely sunset and a relaxed and nourishing morning wake up routine, you will have already made a good start to the day. Mentally and physically this sets you up for success, productivity, and happiness. If you are setting off to work feeling like you have already had something of an enjoyable day, then you are far less likely to feel agitated in the office.

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