Succeed In Life By Learning From Others

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What is our finest resource for success? Is it our own brain power? Is it the money of our investors? Or is it the knowledge and help that you can call upon when you are humble enough to learn from other people? Success goes by many definitions, but it is always something personal. Whatever your own definition you would be wise to help yourself by learning from others.

Why So Stubborn?

One of the main reasons why people fail to learn from other people, is because of their own stubborn ego; they think that they know best and that there is therefore nothing that anybody else can bring to the table to prove otherwise. This is rather silly isn’t it? Surely you cannot take yourself so seriously as to think you are above learning from your peers?

How To Learn From Others

Everyone has their own skills, their own knowledge, and their own way of doing something. By combining your collective brain power you can help each other to succeed. There are many ways in which you can learn from other people:

  • Learning from other people’s mistakes: Everyone makes mistakes, even you. Indeed you will undoubtedly have learnt a lot of what you know during your recovery from your own shortcomings and times of hardship. You can also avoid the need to make mistakes often by learning from others. You can observe and take advice, take warnings from those who are kind enough to offer them; even if you do not fully agree.
  • Read, Watch, Listen: Most of what you already know probably comes from someone anyway, but when you become conscious of it, you can learn much quicker. You can read books by people who you admire, or watch videos of people who are respected in your niche or industry.

    The internet has made this easily possible, so use it wisely by learning from graceful individuals and creative artists, rather than wasting it by looking at videos of dogs falling over on ice all day. The old fashioned ways still have equal merit, so if you ever have the chance to listen to a wise old man tell campfire fables, then you should revel at the chance to learn from their life!

  • Learn Hands-On: Nothing is more satisfying than learning something in a hands-on way, and the way to succeed with ease and pleasure is to allow someone else to show you the way. Whether it is woodwork, web design, juggling, gardening, or marketing, you can be sure that the most effective way to learn is through giving yourself over to someone who is more experienced; a guru, mentor, or technical authority of some sort.
  • Attend Talks And Conferences: You do not have to be a part of a formal education institute to be able to attend lectures and events. On the contrary, many expert speakers from all walks of life hold regular talks for the public. Attending educational and inspiring events that interest you can massively accelerate your learning curve, and help you to succeed in life.

Final Thoughts

Whatever it is that you want to succeed in you should always encourage a two-way process of learning. You can learn from other people in so many ways, and doing so will give you mind power a hundred times greater than that of your own. Maybe you can do it alone, but it will certainly be an uphill slog all the way. You will be far more successful in life if you are open to learning from other people.

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