Take A Break For Clarity

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Sometimes life can get you in such a fluster, rushing you and pushing you, and filling you up with stresses. Most people cannot be accused of doing too little with their day. A more relevant problem for many people, is that they try to do too much. It is important to take a break for clarity.

This article is not intended as a way for you to excuse lazy behavior, nor does it aim to promote a demotivated attitude towards work, or life. To achieve your goals and targets it is often necessary to keep up a high pace of productivity. Unfortunately, the mind has its ways of dropping hints that it is running on overdrive, and when your pace of life is not sustainable the result is often stress and breakdown.

The counter mechanism for this, aside from taking on less and reaching a sustainable level of output, is to take regular breaks. These breaks are necessary for the proper functioning of your mind and body; without them you will eventually short circuit, reducing your ability to cope with the tasks at hand, and eventually culminating in physical illness if ignored.

Take A Break: Three Levels

There are three levels, three different types of break that are covered here. Each represents a different time-scale. You should try to take regular break on each level; the first will give you daily clarity, the second weekly clarity, and the third will refresh you completely every now and again. Between them they represent a whole discipline of taking time off.

You are beginning to like the sound of this aren’t you?

  • Take Time Off Daily

    If it feels to you like every minute of every day revolves around work, or another stressor, then you could definitely benefit from a change of pace. Everyone needs time off regularly in the day. This includes five minute breaks from work wherever possible, although this will depend on your employer and their understanding of the human need to be clear-minded.

    What is most important is that you take a little time each day to reflect and to organize your thoughts. You could do this for an hour or so in the morning, and for a good hour or so during the evening. During this time you should not engage with any activities that are remotely related to your work. Try to do something simple but enjoyable with your time; take a walk in the park, or go to the cafe for a cup of tea. Relax. This will help to keep your mind clear from one day to the next.

  • Take A Day Off Every Week

    If you work every single day, whether for a company or for yourself, you will burn out. There is no doubt about that, and the only really question is how long before it happens? You should take a day off every week, and this time should be spent doing something you love; spending time with loved ones for example, reading, or relaxing and watching films. Be open to exploring your interests, and again keep it strictly unrelated to work.

    This day helps to reset your mind, gives you something to look forward to, and stops you from burning out through constant repetition. It is the balancing force for your weekly clarity.

  • Take A Longer Break Every Now And Again

    This break often manifests itself as a yearly vacation, and most people can relate to how refreshed and relieved they feel during and after they take one. Longer breaks should ideally involve a fresh location, and an environment that is stimulating in a totally different way to work. By mixing up your environment you break behavioral patterns and rigid feelings that accumulate throughout the year from work routines. A long break helps to put your life into perspective and helps you to maintain your long term clarity. It can help you to reset and prepare for the next year to come.

The three levels of break described here lead to a release of pressure daily, weekly, and yearly. The more pressure builds up the longer the break required to release it. By following these guidelines you should find that you are able to function with clarity.

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