Unlock Your Creative Potential: Live A Creative Life

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Everyone has creative potential locked inside of them; you included. When it opens up it flows, and it expresses itself differently through everyone. That is essentially what creativity is. It is an expression of something, which is given a form to communicate it to others; whether it be through words, speech, movement and dance, music, visual art, or by any means that it is possible to conceive.

Why Don’t You Feel Creative?

Some people appear to be more naturally creative than others, but this might not be the case. Just as a child must learn to walk, they must also learn to hold a pen in order to write. They have to learn the alphabet so that they can communicate effectively. Later on, they have to learn grammar rules, and will be able to choose more sophisticated words to suit more sophisticated ideas.

The same is true of music, or of any expression. You have to learn how to physically play an instrument. The process involves muscle memory, knowledge of the way the instrument functions, of how to produce harmonic sounds and chords, and perhaps how to read and write music too.

You may have the energy inside of you; the creative potential waiting to be unlocked, but you need also a way to express it, a mode by which you will communicate your self. The first step to living a creative life then, is to choose a creative output.

What Is Your Instrument Of Expression

In your pursuit for your creative output you must remain true to yourself, and choose to express in a way that resonates with you. You don’t have to be defined by a particular art, but you may find that you enjoy some instruments more than others, or that some means are more suitable for communicating your energy than others.

For some people it is the pen, for other people it is the brush and paint. There are too many ways to be creative to possibly list them, but a few are mentioned here to help spark your interest: play the flute, drums, body-tap, juggle, dance, draw with chalk on the ground, perform stand-up, lecture on your favorite topic, create a website, design a logo, write a poem, hoop, snake-charm, do magic tricks, design clothes, transform the interior of your house… The list is really endless.

Remember… It Is A Learning Curve

Most people never manage to live a creative life because they shy away from the time and energy required to “be good” at something. Nobody is ever born amazing. You know that guy who knows how to play perfect guitar? He probably played as a kid, taught by his family. He will have been playing for years. Be patient and stick it out and eventually you too will be able to express yourself fluently. Most of all, enjoy the learning process in itself.

Be Creative For Pleasure

Creativity is not a competition, or a race to the top. It is about losing yourself to an expression. It is about letting go, and releasing your inhibitions. It is first and foremost for your own benefit. When you live a creative life you free yourself from pain and suffering because you are able to transform them into something positive. When you feel ready you can share your creative impulses with other people, perhaps inspiring them to unlock their own creative potential.

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